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We provide consultancy services to international businesses seeking to establish a presence in Africa as an emerging market. We use our in-depth knowledge of local conditions to ease the entry process. We assist in bridging the cultural gaps in doing business.

We work with funding partners through major funding consultants in the US and Europe who support and fund infrastructure projects in Africa.  Our role is principally to identify opportunities on the ground, align it with the requirements and expectations of the investor and then connect the stakeholders.

We also assist domestic businesses find international markets for raw materials or semi processed goods

Our property team is made up of experienced property investors passionate about property as an investment vehicle, offering assistance to new and experienced investors wishing to either invest in properties or expand existing portfolios to enable them build financial capacity. We also assist non -investors seeking to acquire residential properties for their own use. We have been acquiring properties in UK and advising other investors in excess of 15 years.

International Trade Business Consultancy Services

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