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Investing in Property in the UK - by Isi Inyang

Investing in Property in the UK

Property has always been the preferred method of acquiring and growing wealth in the UK. It is said that most of the city of London is owned by one family and they are understandably one of the wealthiest families in the country.

There are different areas of property and estate agents/ investors tend to specialise in particular areas.

Firstly there are residential properties. These include single houses or flats solely for residential use. Properties rented out for residence are also regarded as residential properties.

There are commercial properties which range from shops to industrial complexes. In between you find factories, churches, offices. Commercial properties can be found on high streets where you find shop parades or large areas designated as industrial parks.

There is also the opportunity to buy land and develop into either residential or commercial property. Bare land is not easily available as most of the areas are fully developed. As the UK is subject to rigorous planning laws most of the undeveloped land is left bare on purpose. They are categorised as greenfield or brownfield land. Greenfield land is either used for agriculture or left to evolve naturally. Brownfield sites have been previously developed and are more likely to be brought back to use with planning permission. Land without planning permission is usually much cheaper as there is a risk that you may either not get planning permission to develop or if you do your projects would be modified by the Local Authority.

Generally all types of property increase in value over time. Properties generally produce two forms of income – a rental income (if the property is bought for investment and not just private use) and capital growth of the value of the property. It is agreed that property prices double even 7 – 10 years although there are periods when values go down or are flat for periods of time.

UK properties are relatively easy to liquidate. They are not as easily monetised as says stocks but the market is very advanced and millions of properties are bought and sold each year. Property is very much treated as an investment asset.

A property search can be time consuming and a viewing of the property cannot be overemphasised. Mistakes in the choice of property can be very costly. There is competition for the more desirable properties. In the face of this sophisticated market where changes are introduced regularly it is important to get specialist help to get the best out of your investment.

Our team has a wealth of experience over the years advising clients in the residential and commercial sectors.

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